Thursday, 9 June 2011

A gearbox in the post.

As I said in my last blog, we had a super time and a super trip up to Etruria and back, what I did not tell you about was the diesel spray.  From when we took ownership of Darley there had been a large piece of rag on top of the diesel filter, thinking it looked a mess when we got up to Etruria, I removed it and put it out of sight.  Unbeknown to me it was hiding a secret, which I discovered on return to Great Haywood when I went in the engine ‘ole to stop the engine.  The top of the gearbox and surrounding area looked wet, but on closer examination it was diesel and on even closer examination the return pipe from the injectors had a very small split and a very fine spray of fuel was being blown out on each stroke of the engine.  On really close examination the pipe had split and at some point someone had blobbed some solder over it.  Last night I went straight down to Darley from work and removed the piece of pipe and brought it home for repair.  Dawn had gone out for a meal with a couple of girly mates so I set up my little workshop in the kitchen.  After cleaning all around the area, I applied a little soldering flux and holding the pipe with Dawn’ s oven glove, I held the pipe on the edge of the flame off the gas cooker.  As soon as the exiting solder started to melt, I applied a little more multi core solder to the area until I was sure that the split was well and truly sealed/covered.  Finally I put everything away before Dawn came home (none the wiser – good ey)  As soon as I came home from work tonight,  I shot straight up to Darley and re fitted the return pipe and then fired up the Petter PD2,

 success no leak, jobs a good ‘un.  As I had shot straight out from work I had not opened the mail and when I walked in Dawn told me I had a large letter.  On opening it, what a nice supprise.  It was an owners manual for Parsons Marine Reverse Gears & Reduction Gears Types B. & F. off my good friends That Chertsey Woman and Paddington Bear (Jim & Sarah) off Chertsey, many thanks to you both, I will take it down to Darley tomorrow night.  Along with the manual was also a lovely black and white postcard of Willer Wren’s Sterling uphill of Cowley lock. 

Well only another couple of weeks before the Braunston do so busy, busy getting Darley ready, so till next time
Don’t bang ‘em about.


  1. When one of my crew knelt on!!!!! an upper cylinder oil feed pipe on my National, I repaired it with self amalgamating tape as I was miles from anywhere and it is still holding 4 years later. Very handy stuff to have around.

  2. Jim, that's a new one on me as I don't even know what self amalgamating tape is! You'll have to show me next time, perhaps at Braunston.

  3. Electrical tape Blossom, bonds to itself without the sticky mess.

    Nice to find your blog. Done too little boating these past few years and I know just how you must have felt with MINNOW.

    Good to get a flavour of what I've been missing - and still do.

  4. Talking of manuals, have you got one for the Petter? I've an M.o.D. one half an inch thick. Could get it copied if you know what I mean.

  5. Derek thank's for that on the tape. A Petter manual, now that sounds useful!

  6. I'll chat on a PM on CWDF. We can swop emails.

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