Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Brass, lace and ribbons

Ok so what have I been up to for the last few months I hear you ask, and even if you did not I will fill in some of the gaps. For a start I have been doing quite a bit of Ebaying in preparation of our new acquisition. As some of you may remember some time ago I bought a rather tatty Klaxon off Ebay

but after a little titivation and painting it turned out quite acceptable.

I was browsing Ebay a few weeks ago looking mainly at vintage ‘horse brass’ swingers and rosettes and I came across this.

 a 1914 brass shell that had been fashioned into a vase? But when I saw it I saw another use for it and so purchased it for a very reasonable price, a tenner, after a bit of ‘engineering’ in the garden shed I am quite pleased with the result

and will look quite stunning on Darley’s cabin slide me thinks. Also after removing everything off Minnow all the ribbons in my hanging plates were looking a little tired and so I purchased several spools of red ribbon

Ready to re-ribbon the 58 plates I have assigned to Darley’s back cabin and then of cause there was a need for some lace and I came across this bargain of a total of 7 lengths of antique lace each 31/2” deep and 7’-0” long.

Not to be outdone Dawn has also been busy podging rugs through the winter including this striking blue and yellow one, can’t think where that could fit.
Well that’s it for now, update over.  Can’t wait for the weekend when Terry returns with Darley from Ellesmere Port and I can get my hands on her but until then,
Don’t bang ‘em about

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  1. I love your Klaxon. I have been trying to find a hand winding on for ages. We have a push down one, but I need stilts to use it ;0).
    Love the rag rug. Darley is going to look fantastic when she is kitted out.
    Have a lovely weekend.