Sunday, 1 May 2011

Good Food and Good Company

I am just like a little kid on Christmas Eve at the moment am so excited and can’t wait for Terry to return from Ellesmere Port and for me to actually take possession of Darley.  To help take my mind off this, me and Dawn went for a cracking meal last night at one of our local canal side pubs at Armitage,  The Ash Tree. We received a text off friends Jim and Sarah who were returning from Ellesmere Port with their Large Woolwich motor, Chertsey, which is a litter sister to our own Darley. At first it was a little confusing as I knew they had stopped just below ‘Star’ Lock at Stone and the text suggested that they were at bridge 88 which is only a short way down the cut so I thought they had either had a bad day or had an idle day! But a second text changed it to bridge 68 and so we arranged to meet them in the Ash tree at 8.0pm.

The next three hours were spent eating drinking and talking canals,  don’t ask me what though.  At just after 11.00pm all too soon, our taxi came and we said our goodbye’s arranging to meet up with them at the Braunston show in June.
Talking of shows I have filled in all my show registrations over this weekend  ready to post off.  This year we are hoping to get to :-
4/5 June Etruria Canal Festival
25/26 June Braunston Working Boat Show
8/9/10 July Alvecote Historic Baot Gathering
3/4 Sept Shackerstone Family Festival
9/10/11 Sept Black Country Boating Festival (Windmill End)
17/18 Sept Tipton Canal Festival
24/25 Sept Black Country Museum Historic Boat Gathering.
15/16 Oct Stourbridge Open Weekend
29/30 Oct End of Season Bash @ Norbury Junction.
So I look forward to the season and to meeting up with friends old and new.  Just as a closing point while I was sitting at the computer filling in these registrations this afternoon, I heard the beat of a Bolinder passing the bottom of the garden I turned, just in time to see my old boat Minnow going for it heading for Fradley Junction where his mooring is.  All the best for the future Grayham
And don’t bang her about

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