Monday, 2 May 2011

D day approaches

D day approaches - that's Darley day! Just a very quick up-date.  Dawn and I popped over to Stafford today to do a bit of shopping and on the way back we went via Great Haywood, just to see if Darley was back.  It was and Terry, Tina and Nick were on board busily emptying all their own bits and pieces.  We parked on the car park, went round the farm shop and bought some bedding and basket plants, which we put in the car before going round to them.  We had an hours chat with them and arranged to meet them down the boat on Thursday evening for them to give us the keys and other bits and bobs.  So Thursday’s the great day, can’t wait for the week end and the opportunity to spend some time on Darley and get to know her, might even take her out for a short trip and I’ll try,
Not to bang ‘er about

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