Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wright’s coal tar soap, Wrong!

Just a quick addition.  As a result of a comment from a good friend, That Chertsey ‘ooman,  I thought I should share this great disappointment with you all.  Last nights blog was me ranting on as usual about ‘the good old days’ so to speak and my love of the smell of creosote, which led me to other related substances including coal tar and all its derivatives.  To my horror, Sarah informed me that Wrights Coal Tar Soap no longer contained ‘coal tar, so I could not resist looking it up and sure enough here’s the official take.

In the late 1960s the Wright’s Coal Tar Soap business was taken over by LRC Products Ltd (London International Group) who sold it to Smith & Nephew in the 1990s. The soap is now made in Turkey for the current owners of the brand, Simple Health and Beauty Ltd based in Solihull in the UK and is called Wright's Traditional Soap. As European Union directives on cosmetics have banned the use of coal-tar in non-prescription products, the coal tar derivatives have been removed from the formula, replacing them with tea tree oil as main anti-bacterial ingredient. Despite this major variance from the original recipe, the new soap has been made to approximate the look and smell of the original product.
Mind you I still love the smell of it (the soap) and while were on, creosote probably does not contain creosolic acid any more, but hey ho still does the job and still smells great.  Have been down to Darley tonight for my creosote fix, a couple of hours creosoting and have now finished just over half the false floors which I should finish off tomorrow night after work. Well that’s it, update over
Till next time
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