Monday, 23 May 2011

A Quick snap or three.

Not a lot to say really, I just thought I would keep you up to speed with Darley with a couple of photos that I have taken tonight.Came home, had some tea then went down to Darley.  I cleared all the rubbish out of the hold and swept all the sawdust and noggins of wood up while Dawn worked in the back cabin.

Darley’s hold with the completed false floors all finished and creosoted.

Darley and Matt Parrot’s Josher motor boat Tench. (Even Dawn is colour co ordinated with her blue and yellow top!

By this time Dawn was getting a little annoyed at my David Bailey impression!

Bruce’s new perch on the counter and keeping his eye on Dawn for me.
Well that’s it folks as I said, just a quick update.  Write again soon when I have something to say, till then,
Don’t bang ‘em about.

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