Friday, 6 May 2011

‘Push the button’ by the Sugababes! Feat Dawn

The end to a perfect week and the start of what will be a cracking weekend.  I am now sat at home writing this, it’s just after 10.0pm, it’s pouring down with proper rain, the fork lightening is illuminating the cooling towers at the back of our house but nothing can spoil my weekend.  It all started last night when we went over to Darley to meet Terry and Tina to receive the keys to her and other bits and pieces.  We met at Darley’s mooring at about 7.30pm and stood chatting about boats, of cause what else, for the next hour or so then we retired to the comfort of the Clifford Arms where we continued our chat about boats, interrupted by the occasional pint, until it was 11.30 and time to go.  We went home, having had a wonderful evening with great company, cheers Terry & Tina.  At 3.00 pm Friday I finished work and raced home to chuck on some tatty clothes and zoom off to the boat.  Later on Dawn came down to me with fish and chips from our local ‘battered’ chippy and we sat in Darley’s back cabin eating gorgeous chips in gorgeous surroundings.  Aahh heaven! 

Those of you who have read and followed me with my other blog, know of our trials and tribulations with our previous boat Minnow, or should I say Dawn’s inability to kick the Bolinder over.  When we finally sealed the deal on Darley, Dawn said that she wanted to be first to start the Petter PD2 and so with great ceremony we finished the evening off with Dawn ‘pressing the button’ and firing her up. 

I am spending the day down Darley tomorrow while Dawn is at work then she is joining me when she finishes and we are off out for a little sally probably to Crown Bridge and the winding hole at Hansacre. (I must remember to be careful and not hit the legs of that summer house that was built on stilts over the corner of the winding hole which I reported to BW and they did nothing about.) So there you go,  I’m sure I’ll have more to report back after the week end so until then
Don’t bang ‘em about


  1. Sounds like your new 'baby' is even better than the old one. She looks just the ticket. I may pop into see you, in a day or two, not at home, but the place were you go to Monday to Friday from 9 to 5. We are making our way to gas street, but we are diverting to make the visit. hope you will be there, bring lots of photos of your new girly xxxx

  2. Yes, that extra eighteen inches will make it SO much harder not to hit those stilts...