Wednesday, 26 July 2017


I was recently linked through Facebook by a good friend of mine, Martin Catterall of coalboat Halsall which trades around the Four Counties Ring, to the forums where someone was asking ‘what ever happened to Blossom and his blogging?’

As can be seen from the above photo taken very recently on the parade at Etruria, nothing has happened to me personally but something in my life has changed.  I’ve retired and now I spend far more time on the boat and have little time for blogging especially as I do not have the knowledge or equipment to do it on the move.  So to set the record straight and to set aside any concerns I thought I would start blogging again as and when I can.  I do not know how often this will be for as I have said I spend far more time on the boat for example I have been on Darley from the middle of March up until now, only spending the odd few days back at home with Dawn as she has not retired yet. We have been to Etruria, Bugsworth basins, Lymm, Middlewich, Barbridge, Chester and presently Audlem.
So till the next blog

Don’t bang ‘em about