Monday, 25 April 2011

The Start of Something New

What a fantastic day we had yesterday, An early start saw us pulling on the car park of the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port by 10.30am.  We were on a mission, but to get to our final destination we had to run the gauntlet of all out friends and acquaintances  which resulted in us not getting to our final destination until about 1.30pm!  As soon as we came into the museum grounds we were greeted by Viv and Si off Monarch & Grimsby, John and Marion Thornett who used to own FMC Kestral along with Kestral's new owners Martin and Sam as well as Laurence and Sarah off Kangaroo and Drew with Jaguar.  So that gobbled up the first half hour chatting and catching up. And this was how the day was to proceed as we gradually moved from boat to boat ( and when you think there were over 50 working boats there!) talking and passing the time of day with all the folks we knew and passing the usual jokes/humour/banter.We chatted with the 'Fullers' off Ibex and Ilford, who appeared to be stealing empty wheelbarrows, had a beer and a coffee off 'the Chertsey crew'  Sarah & Jim, Andrew & Andrea off Dove, now there's a wench for ya, a woman what can rivet!  John Blunn, Jim Taylor, Rose Braine and her dad Malcolm sat in the sun shine on the lower basin then we finally got to the end of our mission, and here it was:-

Our new baby, Large Woolwich motor boat Darley. And so to new beginnings, this is all for my first 'blog' of my new boat, my new blog and  new beginnings, and so, as always
Don't bang 'em about.


  1. wow great boat ! have fun


  2. Excellent news, Blossom! Very pleased for you and Dawn.

  3. Wonderful news! Nice to see you at the Port.

    Enjoy your travels on Darley!

    Lucky Duck

  4. Congratulations on getting Darley, she is a fantastic boat. We look forward to seeing you out and about somewhere on the cut.

  5. Well done Blossom something interesting to read again.

  6. Gorgeous boat, I wish you much joy of her. It was very nice to meet you at the easter boat gathering...thank you for letting me get up and down from your boat, the old bones are not what they used to be