Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gypsy Stew

I have probably moaned before about some of the drivel that Dawn watches on TV what with dancing on Ice, strictly come dancing, dancing with the stars, big brother, I’m in the jungle, dine with me, my big fat gypsy wedding  etc. etc.  But last month she was watching something about gypsy, Pat Doherty who had politician Sally Bercow live with him for two weeks as his wife.  The one thing I did find interesting about the program was that he had her cook him a traditional gypsy stew, Basically it was a stew made using a boiled bacon joint, and it looked really tasty so I thought I’ll have a go, and so I did, and the result was really nice and one I will be having on many more occasions.  I have had boiled bacon or a boiled gammon joint before on many occasions but have always lifted it out of its water, thrown that away then allowed the joint go cold before carving it for salads or sandwiches, but with this gypsy stew, the bacon joint is cooked in the stew so all those tasty juices, gelatine, salts etc. are cooked into the stew and not thrown away as usual.Both Dawn and I really enjoyed it so I thought I would share my version with you as it is so simple, cheap and easily cooked on a range.
Ingredients. (Enough for four)
1 gammon joint (whole)
1 small cabbage(roughly chopped)
2 medium onions (sliced n diced)
4 carrots (chunky chopped)
4 medium potatoes (chunky chopped)
Handful of Whitworth’s Soup & Broth Mix (split peas, pearl barley etc.)
Water (2 pints)
Black Pepper to taste
Throw everything in a large covered casserole dish and wack it in the range until the potatoes start to dissolve.  Add extra water as needed.

We cooked it at home in the oven and had it simmering for two days, but it was well worth the wait.
and as always, and especially if I have just eaten a couple of bowls of gypsy stew
don't bang me about.

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