Sunday, 28 October 2012


Brrrr the Winter is starting to bite, and that is not helped by having no coal due to someone on a newly set up coal boat forgetting to deliver the coal that we ordered off him last weekend at ‘that fuller do’!  We had left the boat tied up opposite Roger fullers boatyard last weekend and so after work on Friday, we loaded our things into my car and headed off, dropping Dawn’s car off at the moorings for when we get back.  Unloaded everything into Darley then fired the Petter up ready to move her down below the locks.  Just as we were heading off, Paul & Viv arrived and did the same with Whitby.  With both boats safely down the flight and breasted up below the bottom lock it was time to retire to The Star where we were joined by captain pugwash and Roger & Teresa Fuller for a few drinks and a gorgeous stew cooked for us by Jamie and Linsey (the gaffers)

Next morning Paul & Viv were off by 6.30 am, we had a much later start as we only had 4 hours boating in front of us, so we did not set off until about 9.00 am and by half one we were tying up at our mooring.  Dawn went off to to work just to check on the girls and I started loading things in boxes ready to take them off the boat for the Winter.  To help keep the rain and snow out over the winter months while at Great Haywood, I started to cloth Darley up.

When Dawn turned back up, she helped me and we got the side cloths up for now as I will go down this weekend and finish off with the top cloths,  that’s given me an idea for another blog, so till then,
Don’t bang ‘em about

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